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Wie JD_2020, der Community-Manager von Treyarch, im bekannt gab, wird das Mappack 3 auch für den PCerscheinen. Als Zugabe werden wir mit einem Patch 1.6 verwöhnt ;-)

Hi all, As with the previous two Map Packs, Map Pack 3 will indeedbe coming to the PC – the team is hard at work on it and I’ll let youknow when it’s in test. As such, there will be a Patch 1.6 as well,which will address some additional game issues. When I have details onwhat else will be included in the patch I will be sure to post them. Weappreciate your patience as always, and look forward to its release asmuch as you do! Regards, -JD

2009-08-15 18:27 von Bangingbernie