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Treyarch hat gerade das Update für die Modtools released (Version 1.2.1)



  • Unzip the .zip file to a new folder.
  • You will see one folder inside named ìrawî.
  • Highlight this folder and copy it into your "Call of Duty - World at War" root game directory.
  • You will be asked if it is okay to overwrite folders and files. Click "Yes to All" for this operation and any subsequent ones.

Sie haben nun erfolgreich die Modtools 1.2.1 installiert, viel Spass damit!
Probleme bitte im Forum berichten.

Neue Files:

  • FX files used in Verruckt, Kneedeep, Nachtfeuer, and Subway.


Downloadlinks wie immer im Forum.

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2009-05-08 02:50 von Bangingbernie